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For gas turbine operators and owners around the world, extending the lifetime of their equipment is critical. One way this is possible is through preserving components and parts by enhancing the properties of the surface or protecting it with a coating. Wamar Engineering provides those hot gas path services, including manufacturing and rejuvenation, to ensure maximum lifetimes for critical components, as well as the whole gas turbine. We have strong experience and expertise to assist you in the following areas:

  • Superalloys surface treatment
  • Hot Section rejuvenation
  • Balde in the Hot section part

We provide these manufacturing & rejuvenation services with the help of top-level facilities and an expert team of engineering professionals. Advanced technology and customer support allow us to deliver a full-service solution for hot gas path component issues all over.

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Superalloy Surface Treatment

To improve the power of the gas turbines, manufacturers increase the operating temperature of the hot section, which intensify the stress applied on the parts.

For this reason, it is absolutely necessary to apply a coating with the highest quality, to preserve the lifetime of the critical parts and the efficiency of the gas turbine. With its team of expert dedicated to the surface treatments, especially on super-alloy, Wamar Engineering can realize any requested super-alloy coating:

The robot cell equipped with a High Velocity Oxy Fuel guns (HVOF) and an Atmospheric Plasma Spraying torch (APS), can spray respectively MCrAlY, Hardface, Abradable and Ceramic (Thermal Barrier coating), Anti-rock

  • A unique in Europe Hydrogen Furnace can complete, both internal & external aluminization of your parts, and over-aluminization of the thermal spray coating
  • Braze coating to remove all the surface casting defects.

Hot Section Rejuvenation


Hot section components are some of the most high value parts in gas turbines and they also have a limited lifespan compared to other parts. Maintaining durability for the hot section parts plays a large role in the lifetime and effectiveness of a gas turbine, which is essential for a gas turbine operator or owner.

Wamar Engineering provides rejuvenation services for these critical parts, to help improve the lifetime of your gas turbine and get the most out of it. Our experienced team on hot section repairs for gas turbines and our machines with latest technology in the industry, allow us to provide services fit for your equipment.

In addition to rejuvenation services for turbine blades, Wamar Engineering also manufactures these components for your specifications. The application of our advanced technology and constant customer support gives you a full-service source to ensure your gas turbine are in the best condition possible and running with maximum efficiency at all times.