A large part of owning and operating a gas turbine consists of complex installation and specific procedures in effort to extend the life of the turbine. Because these must be performed with a high level of quality and expertise, choosing a company with the right resources is critical.

Wamar Engineering provides extensive capabilities that go along with state-of-the-art technology and engineers with strong expertise and years of experience. As a full-service source to help increase the lifetime of hot gas path components, we have expanded capabilities using:

  • surface treatment
  • Inspection Equipment
  • Repair Equipment
  • Spare Parts procurement

Rejuvenation Equipment

Getting the best rejuvenation possible helps extend the lifetime of gas turbines everywhere. Without high-tech equipment to perform those repairs, many gas turbine operators face an uphill battle trying to get the most out of their equipment.

We work with advanced rejuvenation equipment at Wamar Engineering, with the resources to adjust and prepare gas turbines for minimized damages during tough running conditions. Our modern repair equipment helps extend the life of gas turbines with:

  • High-Tech Cleaning System (chemical stripping)
  • Material Examination & Upgrade Proposal
  • High Temperature Hydrogen Cleaning
  • Welding in Controlled Atmospheres with Data Collection
  • Brazing Cracks with Superalloy
  • Vacuum Heat Treatments to Restore Structures
  • Vapor Phase Coating Systems
  • Robotic HVOF/APS Coating Systems
  • Benching Equipment
  • Subcontracted processes (partnership) : CNC Laser Drilling/Welding, Shot Peening Equipment, CNC Vertical Turning, CNC Milling Machining, EDM/ECM Operations

Surface Treatment

Wamar Engineering has the knowledge and advanced technologies to perform all type of desired surface treatment: HVOF, APS, Aluminization (CVD) on most complex superalloy parts

Inspection Equipment

The inspection process for gas turbine operators is an intricate, complex procedure that must be carried out by more than just an experienced team of professionals. For the inspection phase to be performed at the highest level, advanced equipment must be used.

At Wamar Engineering, we have the right resources to ensure a quality turbine inspection process for owners and operators. Our process of inspection is designed to find all of your hot gas path component issues using:

  • Metallurgical Lab
  • Optical microscope
  • Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Measurement
  • Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection
  • CMM Equipment
  • Boroscope Inspection
  • Assembly test tools
  • Moment Weight
  • External process (University lab. partnership) : Creep Rupture Strength Testing, Thermal Fatigue Testing, Adhesion Testing, Hardness Testing, Scanning Electron Microscopy

Spare Parts 

The expensive costs and headaches of gas turbine upkeep are heavily increased when operators are searching for critical parts in times of need. While you may have many spare parts on hand, the one that is needed often seems to be missing.

Wamar Engineering provides a database of spare parts for your gas turbines.